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The Vietnam War Era created a tremendous amount of controversy that still resonates throughout America today, and regardless of people’s political opinions and beliefs, most are in agreement that the War was a turning point in American history. It was a time of a great awakening as we questioned who we were and what we wanted to become. Was America fighting the brutal expansionism of communism throughout the world or was America simply another imperialist power looking to profit from the world's ills? Was America the shining beacon of hope for the oppressed in the world or just another colonial power?

The school teaching aid addresses these issues and more while emphasizing open discussion among students that will develop their “critical thinking” skills. Students will not only experience the Vietnam War through the eyes of those Americans who lived through it but also, for the first time, through the eyes of the South Vietnamese people. Students are encouraged to base their opinions on the war “not” on a single source of information but multiple sources including Americans, the Vietnamese people, the US Media, along with the Republic of Vietnam’s government and military leaders.

There are a number of factors that makes the Teaching Aid both important and unique. The lesson plans on the Vietnam War are segmented into two different phases: (1) perspectives of Americans who personally experienced the war, and (2) those that America has not heard from before, the South Vietnamese people and Republic of Vietnam soldiers.

Lesson Plan 1 (accompanied with a classroom video) Presented to the students are the reasons why the Vietnam Veteran experiences were different from what was being reported by the American media and the US government, both back during the war and in today's media. This will be a lesson in “critical thinking” as students will be urged to gather information from different sources and then through open class discussion develop their own opinions on the war.

Lesson Plan 2 (accompanied with a classroom video) Presented to the students are the “unfiltered” experiences and perspective of the war by the South Vietnamese people. The students will learn firsthand what the Vietnamese people had to endure during the war, their opinions on America's involvement, then after the war, as they had to transition from a capitalist system to a communist one. Then finally their dangerous and risky journeys to America along with their resettlement as immigrants in a new land.

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Powerful multimedia academic lessons unlike any other will be provided FREE to the American school system and the general public.
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